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Lawrence Couple Claim $25,000 “Elvis” Top Prize!

Photo of Dan Stohs and Gina Hicks

It was a “King” sized win for Dan Stohs and Gina Hicks of Lawrence, as they made the trip to Topeka to claim a $25,000 top prize on the $5 Elvis instant scratch game! 

“I bought the ticket on Saturday, and scratched it off in my car,” said Stohs. “The very first symbol I scratched off was a $500 multiplier, so I knew I had a ticket that was going to win a substantial amount. I just didn’t realize how much!” 

Stohs took the ticket back inside the store to verify that it was indeed a big winner. They scanned the ticket, and it said to bring the ticket to the Kansas Lottery headquarters in Topeka, and that’s when Stohs realized he had won big. 

“I took the ticket home and started counting all the symbols and prizes. Every box was a winner! I was kind of freaking out,” Stohs said with a laugh. “I woke Gina up because I could barely breathe and was being too loud.” 

“I hate being woken up early, so at first I was a little cranky,” Hicks said. “But once I actually had a chance to figure out what was going on, I couldn’t believe it either! We were both kind of in shock.” 

The couple put the winning ticket in a safe spot, and then had to wait until their schedules allowed them to come to Topeka to claim the prize. Now they just have to figure out what to do with the winnings! 

“I know for sure we’re going to pay of some debts,” said Stohs. “I’m also considering getting some Lasik for my eyes instead of always wearing contacts. And of course, we’ll go and look for a ring together!” 

The winning ticket was sold at Kwik Shop 785 at 1611 East 23rd street in Lawrence. There are still two top prizes, as well as thousands of other cash prizes, left in the $5 Elvis instant scratch game

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